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This Developer Blog is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It is written by Mod Asherz and is dated 1 June 2015.
Dev Blog: Clan Funnel Improvements

Hi all, we're looking to make some improvements to the way people create or join a clan, so let's get talking! Over the past few years we have found more and more people are creating or join Clans. After talking to the rest of the Ninja team, other people in the office and getting feedback from players on various forums we feel that this process needed to be made more streamline.

We're currently very early in the design stages, compiling suggestions for improvements that players and Jmods alike would like to see. We have looked over some technical feasibility which means we have had to scrap a few ideas, but I think most are do-able.

Current idea list

Clan Creation

This section involves the process of creating a clan. From obtaining the Charter to your clan being set up with or without a Citadel.

At the moment you have to head to Scribe who is located in the Clan Camp, he will not be moving from this location, who after a few pieces of chat dialogue will hand you over a Charter. To make this process a bit simpler he will be gaining a right click option, in which if this is your first time talking to him (from after the update), you will have to go through the chat dialogue, other wise he will just hand you a Charter.

Once you have obtained the Charter you had to "use" it on other people, which meant everyone who wants to be a founder has to stop what they are doing and travel to the Clan Camp. To try and make this a little simpler, we plan on allowing you to enter a name into a dialogue box, this will then send the same message to that person as long as they are on the same world as you, this also means they don't have to stop what they are doing.

Checking the charter brings up a simple dialogue box which shows the names of the people founding the clan. We plan to make this an interface so all the information can be see a bit easier.

Nice to have

Something we think might be possible but comes with some technical challenges is the ability to start a Citadel once the Clan has been created. At the moment all 5 founders have to stand on the Summoning stones and perform a ritual. We would try and allow the creation from a dialogue box once the clan has been created to try and make it a little less time consuming. This might be a little hard to achieve so will be last on my list and if I have time will investigate how possible this is.

Joining a Clan

We realise that getting people to know about your clan can be quite hard.

So we have a few changes that might help with this from the "Squirrelly one" (Mod Maz), she has removed the area effect from Clan Vex stands, meaning they will stay in the stands if you leave the Clan Area.
She has also created a new massive banner which sits in the middle of the vex stand circle, this banner will rotate through all of the banners that have been placed in a stand. This should allow people to see which clans are recruiting.

On top of the massive banner we realise that not everyone visits the areas these are currently placed. So we plan on creating a new Tab on the Community Menu, which will show a full list of clans that are set to "Recruiting". This will show some basic information about the clan (Keywords, size, moto, clan flag). This might not be possible though as it requires some engine work, saying that though we do have the amazing Mod Pi on our side...

When you do find someone who wants to join your clan, an Admin+ with the right permissions has to arrange a meet place and find them, this is because they have to click a button and target the player. We plan to make this a little easier by taking away the "Target Player" aspect, instead we plan on allowing the Admin+ to just enter the name of the person who wants to join. This means they only have to be on the same world as that person. At least for now, it might be the case we can get the message sent world wide but this will need some investigation.

Speaking about the Clan interface, most of the people we talk to want some newer graphics on the Clan interface, so it is clearer what each button does. These have been made and will hopefully come out with this update.

When the player who is being invited receives the invite, it can get a bit lost as the message it self is a bit dark, we plan on changing the colour of the text and maybe re-word it slightly so players know they can click the text to follow through on the invite.

Once the player has clicked on the invite, we found this to be a bit outdated and not very inviting. To counter this we plan on refreshing this interface and adding some more information, such as Keywords, Clan Size, Citadel Tier, Home World, a link to the Clan Home Page and a link to the Clan Official Thread plus a few more.

Nice to have

There has been some interest in "Tagging" new members so everyone can say hi and try to be more helpful. At the moment this isnt technically possible due to some interface problems which is being looked into. Once this has been taken care of then we will revisit this option.

There has been some interest in once a new player has joined a clan they are automatically joined to the clan chat as well. This seems perfectly doable.

Some people have requested the ability to block invites from clans as it spams their chat, or just block invites from people on your ignore list. Both of these are doable it just depends on the time I have available.

What we need from you

We want to make sure we're going in the right direction, so we want your feedback on the current ideas and just as importantly any additional ideas you may have.

Please bare in mind clans is a very technical project and will require some form of engine work, which means we may have to cut some of the ideas you and we produce.

So get suggesting now!

Ninja Team