Update:Beta Update - 11th June

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 12 June 2019 by Mod Shauny, and revised on 12 June 2019.

Reminder: You can play the beta by clicking this

Hello everyone,

Since launching the Weapon Diversity Beta we've been monitoring all of the feedback coming our way, the biggest point raised was why are we only changing 16 weapon types instead of the full range of weapons.

Discussions have been ongoing and we're happy to confirm your feedback has been heard, as a result we're now planning to do the full range of weapons which includes adding effects for khopeshes, wands, staffs, orbs, books and longbows.

However this will have an impact on the development time for the update, as we begin to work on the design and development this might mean the new weapon changes may return to a beta server after the bank placeholders beta.

In the meantime we'll be keeping the beta servers live to allow you to continue testing the current weapon diversity update.

Additionally today we're launching a update to our Weapon Diversity Beta server with the following changes:

- Lady Deathknell's stock of items has been greatly expanded, and now provides a lot more useful combat equipment and supplies as requested, check it out!

Max can now also be found in the north east corner of the Combat Academy, he can do the following:

- For players who were affected by a login issue causing their live account to not load in properly, we've added a 'Max me' option to level all stats to 99/120 where appropriate.
- Note:We've had to yoink out the Gizmo chooser currently due to some unforeseen issues, we're still intending to add it to the Beta at some point while it's active..

Other changes:

- Shieldbows should now actually work as intended
- Earth - We've reduced the effect down to a 10% bonus on stunned/bound targets
- Mace - We've reduced the effect down to a 200% (150% mainhand, 50% offhand)
- Thrown axes - NEW EFFECT - Attacks now have a 5% chance to bind your target for 3 seconds. If your target is bind-immune, the attack deals 10% more damage instead.
- 1h crossbow - We have increased the chance of a basic ability re-firing to 4% when using a mainhand 1h bow, this chance is increased to 6% when dual wielding.
- You will be able to re-import your account's progress from the main game once an hour on the lobby screen