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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Underground path[edit | edit source]

Underground Pass map.png
Items needed: a bow, some arrows, 2 - 4 ropes, a plank.
Items recommended: Combat gear and a few food to fight 8 enemies.

From this point onward, you will be needing about 14 free inventory slots. Close to the end, you will need to unequip all items into your inventory to continue the last few steps. This means that you might have to sacrifice some items such as your ropes and plank. All item dropped will be gone since you will be teleported out.

  • Talk to Koftik in the western most part of West Ardougne. (Chat 1)
  • Enter the cave and use side passages with rockslides to bypass centre swampy path.
  • Talk to Koftik for a cloth. Use it on an arrow and then light the arrow.
  • Make sure you are standing around the bend to the north. Equip your bow and the lit arrow. Shoot the guide rope attached to the bridge.
  • The plank for passing through some traps further in the cave is located just after the bridge to the north. Only one is needed.
  • Continue through the cave (south east) until you reach a gap north of the rope swing. Use a rope on the tiny 'Old spike' at the edge of the gap.
  • Continue through the cave over the two rockslides until you reach a large grid (5x5) next to Koftik.

The grid[edit | edit source]

  • Find your path across the grid. Keep a record of the path over the grid for Regicide quest. You will fall through some of the tiles.

You can use the table below to save your path: click a cell to highlight it, and click again to de-highlight it (your browser will remember the path saved in the table as long as you don't clean browser cache for the wiki).

  • Pull the lever to the south at the end to continue.

Orbs of light[edit | edit source]

  • Have minimum of 4 free inventory slots.
  • Run past the zombie camp, there will be odd markings along the walls of the corridor. These are traps, search these walls to disarm them. (You can skip disarming by standing right next to the trapped tile and then running to the other side of the tile. This can also be done on the next step)
  • You will reach a Chaos altar, take the north path using planks on the flat rocks. Take the orb of light. Return back to the altar.
  • Take the north-west path towards the Ogre. Take the orb. Return back to the altar.
  • Take the middle west path, traversing the flat rocks as before using the plank. Take the orb.
  • Take the final path and don't pick up the orb right away. Search the rock underneath the orb to disarm the trap first and then take the orb.
  • Return to the zombie camp (don't forget about disarming the traps).
  • Use the 4 orbs on the furnace.
  • Return to the altar (again, don't forget about the traps), and climb down the well. (You can search the two stacked crates for 2 salmon and 2 meat pies.)
  • Follow the path until you reach the cells. Pick the door and dig mud in the south-easternmost cell.
  • Walk west and Cross the ledge.
  • Reaching the eastern side of the wooden maze.
    • If you have level 50 Thieving, take the short cut through the doors - avoid the bubbles!
    • If you lack level 50 Thieving, cross the wooden maze to get to the other side, you may fall and try again.
  • Head south and enter the obstacle pipe.

Cold blooded killing[edit | edit source]

  • Search the unicorn cage to find a railing.
  • Use the railing on the boulder south of the unicorn.
  • Search the cage again to get a unicorn horn.
  • Pass through the tunnel north of the cage, until you reach 3 paladins.
    • If you are low on health, talk to them for some free food and potions. You will need 7 free inventory slots.
  • Kill them and take their badges. Requires 3 free inventory slots.
  • Continue forward, using your plank on the flat rocks, until you see a well.
  • Use the badges and unicorn horn on the well.
  • Open the door.

Iban's cavern[edit | edit source]

Location of the dove.
  • Requires minimum of 14 free inventory slots for this section.
  • Reach the dwarf camp in the cavern below by following one of two methods.
    • Head south along the wall to the south-east corner then head west along the south wall to find the stairs there. Take the stairs down.
    • There are also stairs in the north-west corner that may be easier to find but will require players to make their way through the herd of hostile soulless in the centre of the cavern below on the way to the dwarf camp.
  • Run to the dwarf camp in the cavern's south-western corner and talk to Niloof the dwarf.
  • Go back up the stairs. Head to the central part of the map by crossing the wooden bridges to pick up the Witch's cat, the cat should be wandering out on the bridges and platforms north-west of her house. The Witch's house is the most south-eastern platform.
  • Use the cat on the Witch's door.
  • Open the door to the Witch's house
  • Search the chest in her house for a few items and the History of Iban book.
  • Kill the three demons west of the Witch and take their amulets.
  • Open and search the chest north of the middle demon. Pour Iban's shadow on the Doll of Iban.
  • Return downstairs and talk to Klank the dwarf, taking his gauntlets.
  • Take the bucket in the large house. Use it on the barrel in the small room for a Dwarf brew.
  • Run east to a tomb in the corner room and use the Dwarf brew on the tomb. Light it to obtain Iban's ashes.
  • Use Iban's ashes on the doll of Iban.
  • Run to the north-east corner, kill Kalrag the spider. After you killed it, the Blessed spiders will attack you. Ignore them and continue.
  • Go to the north-western corner and ascend the stairs to the half soulless area.
  • Walk south to the third walkway and cross the bridge. Walk north to the first cage, then walk east to the next cage. Walk a little north then west from here to the cage containing Iban's dove (lowest platform in the centre of several others).
  • Make sure you have Klank's gauntlets on you and search the cage to find Iban's dove.
    • Optional: Wear the gauntlets to prevent taking damage.
  • Use the Iban's dove on the doll of Iban.
  • Return back to the bridge you jumped, but don't jump. Head to east then southeast and jump the bridge north of Disciple of Iban.
  • Kill a Disciple of Iban, grab both the Zamorak robe (top) and Zamorak robe (bottom).
  • Un-equip everything and equip the robes. You don't need planks or rope any more.
    • If you don't have 3 free inventory spaces you will miss out on 15 Death Runes and 30 Fire Runes because you will instantly be teleported away after Iban is destroyed.
  • Enter Iban's temple and use the doll on the well.
    • Low level players should try to time the magical spikes to prevent being hit.
  • Talk to Koftik at the end of the cave.
  • Return to King Lathas.
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Underground Pass reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Underground Pass is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: