Undead Bait

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Undead Bait is an Invention perk that decreases the damage dealt to undead by 30%. It can be created in weapon and armour gizmos.

Analysis on Undead Bosses[edit | edit source]

Boss Mode (if applicable) Has effect?
Barrows brothers N/A Yes check.svg
Barrows: Rise of the Six N/A Yes check.svg
Gregorovic Normal
X mark.svg
Corporeal Beast N/A X mark.svg

Sources[edit | edit source]

MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Standard GizmoAncient Gizmo
Magic parts.png
Magic partsCommon01111011111111
Smooth parts.png
Smooth partsCommon01111011111111
Connector parts.png
Connector partsCommon01111011111111
Stave parts.png
Stave partsCommon01111011111111