Uncle Nigel

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Uncle Nigel is Evil Dave's unseen uncle. According to Evil Dave, he does not like talking about Uncle Nigel, claiming that Uncle Nigel is "EVIL, and not in a good way", since he forces Evil Dave to tidy the Basement of Doom whenever he pays a visit.[1] Evil Dave also mentions Uncle Nigel alongside his own mother while telling readers in Evil Dave's RuneScape Conspiracy Theories to "question everything and trust no one, for nothing is as it seems in Gielinor".[2] Evil Dave may have also alluded to him when he referred to an uncle who according to Evil Dave has said to "ROUGH UP anyone who messed with [him]".[3]

Oziach also mentions Uncle Nigel when interviewed during EVIL DAVE v. The People. According to Oziach, Evil Dave has mentioned Uncle Nigel to him before, but he notes that he has never met Uncle Nigel, leading him to consider it possible that Uncle Nigel does not exist and Evil Dave made him up, on the grounds that Dave has had imaginary friends before.[4]

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