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Ullek Woodworker Transcript is a book found in the Grand Library of Menaphos. It is obtained from the first bookcase on the western wall in the south-west corner of the second level.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Ullek Woodworker Transcript.

Our trek through the dense forests of Ullek led us to a clear spot amidst foliage of acadia trees, where the Menaphite priests were already setting up camp. The broken clay golem was placed in one of the empty carts, together with his shattered leg piece. The High Priest directed us to a corner of the clearing, where we dropped off our saws and axes and put up tents for the night. The boar we caught on the road roasted nicely and tasted even better on the bonfire we build for the cold night. Our purpose as woodcutters here was still a mystery to me and my fellow men, as the priests refused to talk to anyone.

We were directed to a pit the golems had been digging out, the bottom of it showing entangled roots. At least, we thought they were roots - our axes couldn't make a scratch on their surface. The priests gesticulated angrily towards us, causing their guards to threaten us.

The mood in the camp was getting worse, our equipment became blunt and dull and the roots seemed to get thicker with the day, almost giving off a greenish glow. Jonas, a fellow woodcutter, proposed setting the roots on fire, and so we built a gigantic bonfire in the pit. After the giant fire receded, it became clear why we were here: runestones. I had heard about these, stones hidden around the world. The Pharaoh will be pleased.

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