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TzHaar-Mej-Ak is a TzHaar mage and elder of TzHaar city. It is encountered during The Elder Kiln quest, present at the hatching of TzHaar-Mej-Jeh's egg. Unfortunately, it turns out to be yet another caste-less Ga'al and Mej-Ak, despite Mej-Jeh's protest, sends Ga'al Jeh to its doom in the Fight Pits. With the help of an adventurer, Ga'al-Jeh and also present Ga'al-Xox survive the attacks, but, when Mej-Jeh and Mej-Ak arrive to the scene, the latter orders the champion of the pits, TzHaar-Ket-Yit'tal, to kill Ga'al-Jeh. Jeh and Ak then discuss the possibility of solving the Ga'al problem by converting them to TzHaar using tokkul at the legendary Elder Kiln. Ak manages to persuade Jeh to not think about the Ga'al's well being, but to think of the TzHaar only. This makes Ak pragmatic, but also rather egocentric. During The Brink of Extinction, more Ga'al are sent to the Elder Kiln by Ak and Jeh. As they arrive with one batch, the now-TzHaar Ga'al-Xox arrives to the scene and violently slays TzHaar-Mej-Ak in revenge, as well as to make sure no more Ga'al are painfully converted to TzHaar. After being pursued by the adventurer, Ga'al-Xox and he defeat TokHaar-Hok, a TokHaar champion, and he agrees to convert Mej-Ak's tokkul into Ga'al-Xox to convince Mej-Jeh to stop using the Ga'al as host bodies. Ak is revived inside Xox and laments the torture it is to be trapped in Tokkul, begging to die. Mej-Jeh agrees to recognise the Ga'al as their own caste and Ga'al-Xox and TzHaar-Mej-Ak descend into the lava to die.

Before its death, a player can speak to Ak about claiming or removing their title, Yt'Haar-[Name], and recharging their tokkul-zo.

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