Hard mode strategies for Twin Furies

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Twin Furies.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Twin Furies are different from normal mode in a few ways: they have 300,000 life points, their defence, accuracy, and strength are increased, and they gain new abilities and modify other abilities.

At the beginning of the fight, Avaryss' wall-charging attack will do increased melee damage, and will disable protection prayers for a few seconds once struck. Avaryss will also reflect damage she takes while she is using the wall-charging attack, similar to Araxxor's web shield, so it is not recommended to apply bleeds or damage-over-time to her during this attack.

One of their new abilities is to summon two lava balls throughout the fight. These will bounce around the arena, with its impact zone shown with green arrows (similar to Detonate, although a glitch can occur where this may not appear). If the player is within 3 squares of the the impact zone, they will be dealt with up to 3,600 damage depending on the degree of proximity to the crash site. These will bounce around the arena without any proper pattern for three bounces, after which they will disappear. These will be summoned at the beginning of each of their special attacks.

The Twin Furies channelled bomb attack will deal double damage from normal mode, close to 10,000. Using the Lunar spell Disruption Shield 1-3 seconds before it will completely negate the channeled fire explosion. Otherwise, Surge away towards where the fires are before it explodes.

After the channelled bomb, the Twin Furies will unleash an extra, blue-coloured fireball into the arena, along with the two normal red ones. Players should attempt to connect with the blue fireball, as it will deal 6,000-6,500 magic damage to both of the Furies. Both types of fireball bounce three times before disappearing. If the player fails to catch the blue fireball, it will target the player after 3 bounces and deal 5,000-6,000 damage that cannot be dodged by moving.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Players should still follow the same strategy as in normal mode, using a melee weapon with a halberd-effect such as a Dragon Rider lance or Noxious scythe, as their damage is still low enough to be offset by Soul Split and the Vampyrism aura or scrimshaw. The player should also avoid getting hit by the red fireballs as getting hit too much by them can easily deplete the player's food supplies during that kill. As their total life points have been increased, the end of the fight will not usually occur during the channeled bomb attack, so players should prepare to run, Surge, or Escape into the fire to avoid being hit by the attack. Use Barge to quickly get back after the explosion.

At the fourth ability, players should run to the blue fireball when possible. Due to its unpredictable bounce, players may choose to focus on running after it; alternatively, players can switch to a dual-wielding setup and use Bladed Dive to place themselves in the blue fireball's impact zone. This can be further improved by wearing Laceration boots so that the player does not need to switch to a dual-wielding setup to use Bladed Dive to the blue fireball. The blue fireball will deal significant damage to the Twin Furies, alongside the player avoiding a large hit themselves. After a few auto-attacks once the blue fireball has either damaged the Twin Furies or the player, they will restart their special attack pattern.