Hard mode strategies for Twin Furies

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Twin Furies.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

As with all other challenge mode generals, the Twin Furies' health is increased to 300,000 and their strength is further increased. Their Defence level increases from 70 to 75, but their affinities still remain the same.

The following abilities are modified:

  • Avaryss' wall charge deals roughly twice as much damage and disables protection prayers for 3 seconds if caught in her sweep. If harmed while performing a wall charge, she will also reflect part of the damage back onto the aggressor.
  • The channeled bomb attack deals twice as much damage as it normally would.

In addition, they acquire the following abilities:

  • Each time one of the special attacks are performed, a fireball will be launched into the arena. The fireball randomly bounces all over the arena, with green arrows indicating the impact point. If the player is in a 3 square (5x5) grid of this attack, they will take around 4,000 hard typeless damage. Each fireball bounces six times before disappearing. Halfway through the first fireball, a second one will appear.
  • After the channeled bomb attack, the Twin Furies gain a new mechanic in which a blue fireball is launched into the arena. Contrary to the normal fireballs, this fireball does not damage the player if caught in its impact zone (which is the same as the normal ones). If the player catches the blue fireball, it will reflect onto both Furies, dealing 6,000-6,500 magic damage each. This fireball bounces three times; if not grabbed after this, it will home in on the player and deal the same amount of damage onto them as hard typeless.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Players should still follow the same strategy as in normal mode, with a mix of both dual-wielded and two-handed weapons. A Berserker start with dual-wielded weapons is highly recommended at the start of the fight against Nymora, while the player dodges fireballs and Avaryss' charges. After the charge attack, switch to a two-handed weapon and use all AoE abilities available before switching to dual-wield against Avaryss during the ceiling collapse attack.

Reprisal is very useful if the bombs aim around the player's position and they are not willing to dodge it. Otherwise, the bombs should be avoided to prevent unnecessary eating.

After this attack, lure Avaryss to the centre and simply focus on her for the remainder of the encounter. If available, a Zaros godsword's special attack can be used for additional damage, and it should be used after Avaryss performs two auto-attacks after the ceiling collapse. Use all AoE abilities available when the channeled bomb attack initiates; the encounter should end before this attack concludes.

If the Twin Furies still have fairly high health after this attack, players should return to dual-wielding and focus on the blue bomb that shortly appears. Due to its unpredictable bounce, players may choose to focus on running after it; alternatively, players can switch to a dual-wielding setup and use Bladed Dive to place themselves in the blue fireball's impact zone. This can be further improved by wearing Laceration boots so that the player does not need to switch to a dual-wielding setup to use Bladed Dive to the blue fireball. The blue fireball will deal significant damage to the Twin Furies, alongside the player avoiding a large hit themselves. After a few auto-attacks once the blue fireball has either damaged the Twin Furies or the player, they will restart their special attack pattern.