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Tubjub was the khan of Hyu-Ji, an island mostly inhabited by Sea Orphans in the Wushanko Isles. He was not an orphan himself, and lived in a shack to the west of the island. He cared little for the orphans, and formed an alliance with a group of Mercenaries called The Lost Men and the Soothsayers to kill them. He served as the middle-man in the deal, hiring the Lost Men to kidnap the orphans, killing them himself, and handing their organs to the soothsayers, who were seemingly unaware of their origin.

He was exposed by Marcus Fine, but escaped the island before the orphans could do anything. He soon returned with the Lost Men, attempting to attack the island as an act of revenge. He was killed in the ensuing conflict, and succeeded by Marcus Fine.

Predecessor Title Successor
Unknown Khan of Hyu-Ji Marcus Fine