Troublesome Crystals

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Troublesome Crystals is an achievement that requires the player to collect all 16 Prifddinas memoriam crystals after Plague's End, not including the unknown crystal. The player then has to deposit the crystals in the Prifddinas memoriam device, located in the Tower of Voices.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Before you begin this task, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Unlock fairy rings by partially completing A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen.
  2. Grow any berry in the bush patch east of the Crwys bankchest, as the bush will take many hours to grow, and it is required to obtain Memoriam crystal 08. Supercompost can be used on the bush patch before planting a berry seed to prevent the berries from getting diseased, and thus to reduce the number of attempts required.
  3. Grow any fruit tree in the fruit tree patch in the Meilyr district, as it is required to obtain Memoriam crystal 16. Supercompost can be used on the patch before planting a seed.
  4. (Ironman) Plant some harmony seeds for both the perfect juju farming potion and for crystal 16 to save time later

Steps[edit | edit source]

Memoriam crystal Story District Location
Memoriam crystal 01 Harmony: Devotion Iorwerth West of Morvran in Iorwerth Clan district, in front of the house which cannot be entered.
Memoriam crystal 02 Harmony: Longevity Crwys The house east of the Elder tree patch in Crwys Clan district, on the south side.
Memoriam crystal 03 Harmony: Need Trahaearn Inside the Trahaearn Clan Tower with the Trahaearn herald.
Memoriam crystal 04 Harmony: Companionship Cadarn Inside Haf's Battlestaves shop, in the Cadarn Clan district.
Memoriam crystal 05 Symphony: Change Cadarn Pickpocketed from Arianwyn near the Cadarn herald.
Memoriam crystal 06 Symphony: Exploration Iorwerth Speak to Lord Iorwerth, near the Iorwerth prayer altar, and ask him about Clan Iorwerth. The crystal is obtained when the world gate is mentioned. Requires completion of Fate of the Gods.
Memoriam crystal 07 Symphony: Exodus Trahaearn In the building south of the Seren Stone rocks; search the crate on the west side of the building.
Memoriam crystal 08 Symphony: Magic Crwys Plant a bush in the bush patch, just east of the Crwys bankchest, then check the health once it has grown. Supercompost can be used on the bush patch before planting a berry seed to prevent the berries from getting diseased, and thus to reduce the number of attempts required.
Memoriam crystal 09 Aria: Exploration Hefin In the Hefin Cathedral south of the Corrupted Seren Stone.
Memoriam crystal 10 Aria: Emanation Ithell In the harp building on the south-west side of the Ithell Clan district.
Memoriam crystal 11 Aria: Enervation Amlodd In Daffyd's house at the north-west edge of the Amlodd Clan district.
Memoriam crystal 12 Aria: Excavation Meilyr In Lady Meilyr's house in the north-east corner of the Meilyr Clan district.
Memoriam crystal 13 Lament: Denial Hefin Use one of the emotes awarded from the Hefin Agility Course near the serenity posts. Requires level 77 Agility.
Memoriam crystal 14 Lament: Anger Ithell Collect a bucket of sand from the sandpit in the southern side of the Ithell clan district while having 10 or more empty buckets in the inventory.
Memoriam crystal 15 Lament: Melancholy Amlodd Teleport to the fairy ring in Prifddinas (DJS). Requires partial completion of A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen.
Memoriam crystal 16 Lament: Acceptance Meilyr Harvest moss from a harmony pillar while under the effect of a perfect juju farming potion, with a fruit tree fully grown in the Meilyr district. Requires level 75 Farming.

There is a chance that one or more crystals can glitch out for a player. When a player does an action that should give them a memoriam crystal, but they don't receive it there is a solution. Player has to go to Arianwyn and choose whatever chat option. At this point a chat message will confirm that "all lost memoriam crystals were returned to their original places", and performing an action that previously didn't grant a memoriam crystal should now work.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 22 May 2017 (Update):
    • The 'Troublesome Crystals' achievement now shows the list of crystals needed and acquired.