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The troll scrawlings are a set of Dungeoneering notes, that are dropped by the frozen floors boss, Icy Bones. It is the second Miscellaneous journal. The scrawlings detail the variety of objects that Icy Bones, the author of the scrawlings, attempted to or successfully consumed over six days.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Fings wot I've eaten' in dis place:

Day wun: Icy bones. Good name. Me called dat now.

Day too: Ice spider. Crunchy. Taste good.

Day free: Rocks. Tastes same as uvver rocks, but 'arder. Teef 'urt.

Day four: Nuffink. Teef still 'urt.

Day five: Noisy human wearin' fur.

Day sicks: Fur. Taste okay. Froat itchy now.

Translation to proper speech

Things that I have been eating in this place:

On the first day, I ate some icy bones, and assumed that name.

On the second day, I ate a crunchy ice spider, which tasted delectable.

On day three, I ate rocks, which were detrimental to my dental welfare.

I ate nothing on day four due to prolonged pain in my teeth.

On the fifth day, I ate a noisy human wearing fur garments.

On day six, I ate fur, which irritated my throat.