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Gemstacks is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Gemstacks is a Treasure Hunter promotion that originally ran in March 2018.

This promotion adds two bars to the Treasure Hunter interface: on the left the rarity bar and on the right the prize multiplier bar.

The rarity bar can be filled to unlock chances at all yellow, all orange, or all red prizes for each key.

The prize multiplier bar can be filled to unlock the chance at double, triple, or quadruple prizes.

Players can switch between the bars to choose which bar they want to fill by using the Switch button at the top of the interface. The bars can be filled by using Treasure Hunter keys. When a boost is unlocked, that boost can take effect at any time despite the bar that is being filled.

A similar promotion where the same boosts are provided but can be received simultaneously, Gemporium, ran for the first time in March 2019.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Yellow and above..png
Orange and above..png
Red and above..png
Double prizes.png
Triple prizes.png
Quadruple prizes.png

Release history[edit | edit source]

Gemstacks (edit)
Start date End date Update/promo
10 December 2018 2018 Christmas Advent Calendar
27 September 2018 1 October 2018 N/A
1 May 2018 2 May 2018 2nd Chance Tuesday
22 March 2018 26 March 2018 Gemstacks