Triple-bellied wolflok

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Triple-bellied wolfloks are creatures known to inhabit the Spirit Plane, spoken of only by Gorajo stormbringers and hoardstalkers. They are described as being somewhat similar to dragons. They are around twenty feet high, possess seven heads capable of breathing fire, and have large bellows on its sides that pump out acid.[1] The Ramokee often struggle to survive in the wildlands among the wolfloks and the sinkholes.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Stormbringer, "Daemonheim", RuneScape. "A drah-gon? Is that like the triple-bellied wolflok? Oh, it sounds much like! Seven heads? Large bellows on its sides, pumping out acid?"
  2. ^ Hoardstalker, "Daemonheim", RuneScape. "Yes and no, naabe. We gorajo are often plagued by the ramokee: gorajo who have been exiled from the clans. These ramokee live outside of the clan fringes. They do not specialise as we do, and often have a harder time surviving in the wildlands among the sinkholes and wolfloks. So, they come to steal from our hoards, to benefit from our hard work. It is regrettable that we cannot all be gorajo."