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For the normal armour, see Masterwork equipment.
A player wearing trimmed masterwork armour.

Trimmed masterwork armour is a full set of degradable power armour that requires 99 Smithing to create and 92 Defence to be worn. It is the strongest smithable armour outside of Daemonheim.

Components[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Trimmed masterwork helm.pngTrimmed masterwork helm457.40224--32,474,432
Trimmed masterwork platebody.pngTrimmed masterwork platebody5260336--80,796,634
Trimmed masterwork platelegs.pngTrimmed masterwork platelegs503.10231--46,827,346
Trimmed masterwork gloves.pngTrimmed masterwork gloves114.30015--15,081,177
Trimmed masterwork boots.pngTrimmed masterwork boots114.30015--16,292,382

Item effect[edit | edit source]

30%, 40%, or 50% of damage received is stored depending on 3, 4, or 5 pieces worn and will be dealt to you slowly. Every 1.2 seconds, 20% of the stored damage will be received as typeless damage over time.

The damage is done after defensives apply, and most defensives do not affect the resulting damage over time. This means that for most cases, you cannot reapply more defensives to the same original monster attack. It also means you can soul split and prayer flick without trouble.

What works with bleed:

Does not work with

Degradation and repair[edit | edit source]

Each piece of trimmed masterwork armour has 100,000 charges of combat. When a piece runs out of charges, it degrades to a broken state and cannot be used. Each piece is repaired by using the normal masterwork equivalent on the trimmed version.

Augmented[edit | edit source]

The trimmed masterwork platebody and platelegs can be augmented, by taking them to an invention workbench. This requires an unworn item, 36 divine charges, and an augmentor.

Unlike any other items, augmented trimmed masterwork uses both the equipment degradation system and the invention charge pack system.

It continues to have 100,000 charges of combat, and when these are depleted it becomes unusable (loses bonuses and perks stop working) and must be repaired using a normal masterwork item in order to be used.

It also drains charge at a base rate of 4 per second. If the charge pack is empty, it becomes unusable (loses bonuses and perks stop working) until the charge pack is refilled. This charge drain cost is in addition to the upfront cost of 36 divine charges to augment the item to begin with.

Custom-fit[edit | edit source]

The armour can be custom-fitted to its owner. Custom-fitting is independent of augmentation, so each item can be augmented, custom-fitted, neither, or both.

To do this, speak to Elof in the Artisan's workshop while wearing a complete set of trimmed masterwork armour (augmented armour can be used). Because the complete set must be worn, it is impossible to custom-fit individual pieces. This process makes the armour untradeable (permanently - the effect can never be removed) but in exchange, it becomes significantly cheaper to maintain.

Custom-fitted armour:

  • Never degrades or loses charge when hit by the current target of a
    • Slayer task
    • Reaper task
    • Elite dungeons
  • Off-task, degrades and consumes divine charge at 50% regular speed (this is achieved by the doubling of the degrade charges to 200,000, and by halving the charge drain rate to 2/s)

Due to the way that the game engine handles Slayer/Reaper task targets, the custom-fit masterwork armours will sometimes degrade when first hit by monsters that fit the criteria above.[1]

Creation[edit | edit source]

Trimmed masterwork armour is created by smithing masterwork trim with normal masterwork equipment on any anvil.

Input Progress Output
Masterwork helm.pngMasterwork helm
2 Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trims
2,000 Trimmed masterwork helm.pngTrimmed masterwork helm
Masterwork platebody.pngMasterwork platebody
5 Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trims
5,000 Trimmed masterwork platebody.pngTrimmed masterwork platebody
Masterwork platelegs.pngMasterwork platelegs
3 Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trims
3,000 Trimmed masterwork platelegs.pngTrimmed masterwork platelegs
Masterwork gloves.pngMasterwork gloves
1 Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trim
1,000 Trimmed masterwork gloves.pngTrimmed masterwork gloves
Masterwork boots.pngMasterwork boots
1 Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trim
1,000 Trimmed masterwork boots.pngTrimmed masterwork boots
Total 12,000

Masterwork trim[edit | edit source]

Masterwork trim is made by combining an elder rune bar, one malevolent essence, and one praesulic essence at any forge.

Essences are created by breaking down the armour at the dragonkin forge. For the 12 essence required for a full set of trimmed masterwork, the equivalent of a full set of each armour is broken down.

Malevolent essence
ItemTicksEssencePrice per essence
Malevolent helm.png Malevolent helm2023,224,236
Malevolent cuirass.png Malevolent cuirass6063,131,170
Malevolent greaves.png Malevolent greaves4043,258,394
Praesulic essence
ItemTicksEssencePrice per essence
Torva full helm.png Torva full helm2029,625,371
Torva platebody.png Torva platebody50512,145,013
Torva platelegs.png Torva platelegs30311,752,014
Torva gloves.png Torva gloves1019,747,603
Torva boots.png Torva boots10111,201,816

Essences and masterwork trim can also be bought on the Grand Exchange (though these prices may not be accurate).

Item Price each Price for 12
Malevolent essence.pngMalevolent essence (GE) 16,293,708 195,524,496
Malevolent essence.pngMalevolent essence (buying the cheapest armour) 3,131,169.17 37,574,030
Praesulic essence.pngPraesulic essence (GE) 19,218,758 230,625,096
Praesulic essence.pngPraesulic essence (buying the cheapest armour) 9,625,371 115,504,452
Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trim (GE) 8,614 103,368
Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trim (buying essences) 35,555,770 426,669,240
Masterwork trim.pngMasterwork trim (buying the cheapest armour) 12,799,844.17 153,598,130

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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