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Treasure chests are found at the entrances and inside of each of the three Elite Dungeons.

Auto-loot[edit | edit source]

The treasure chests will automatically store any loot dropped by monsters slain in the dungeon. This is enabled by default but players can disable this feature and have a 20% chance for drops to be doubled. It can hold up to 32 different rewards, and excess rewards will be dropped on the ground instead and can be doubled even if the auto-loot feature is active, but at a reduced rate. [1] The elite dungeons share the same reward chest; a player's chest can have items from the Temple of Aminishi, Dragonkin Laboratory, and the Shadow Reef at the same time.

Whenever this effect activates, a message in the chat box will appear stating You received/stockpiled (depending on chest settings) 2x [item]), and bypasses the limited filter option.

After completing Curse of the Black Stone, players may buy an elite dungeons chest perk from the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop for 750,000 Dungeoneering tokens, which allows the chests inside the dungeons to act as a bank, though no healing effect is provided. The chests also provide a 20% and 5% chance to double drops obtained from boss and common monsters respectively in the dungeon, even when autoloot is enabled. Autoloot can still be disabled to get the full 20% chance of double item drops from common monsters.

Locations & Teleports[edit | edit source]

The treasure chests outside of the dungeons can be teleported between by right-clicking on them.

# Teleport Map
1 Temple of Aminishi
2 Dragonkin Laboratory
3 Shadow Reef

The treasure chests inside of an Elite Dungeon can be teleported between as long as the player has made sufficient progress through the dungeon. Players are able to teleport from any chest even if said chest has not been unlocked as a teleport destination yet, most notably "Kalist Kiket Fia" is passed on the way towards Verak Lith but cannot be teleported to until defeating him.

Temple of Aminishi[edit | edit source]

# Teleport Map Notes
1 Temple Entrance Maplink N/A
2 Chamber of the Guardian Maplink N/A
3 Throne Room Maplink N/A
4 The Azure Prison Maplink N/A

Dragonkin Laboratory[edit | edit source]

# Teleport Map Notes
1 Dungeon entrance Maplink N/A
2 Kalist Kirah Maplink N/A
3 Molten ruins Maplink N/A
4 Kalist Kiket Fia Maplink Unlocked after defeating Verak Lith.
5 Kalist Kiket Kreath Maplink N/A

Shadow Reef[edit | edit source]

# Teleport Map Notes
1 Shadow Reef Entrance Maplink N/A
2 The Crassian Leviathan Maplink N/A
3 The Temple Entrance Maplink N/A
4 Necromancer's Amphitheatre Maplink N/A
5 The Abyssal Depths Maplink N/A
6 The Ambassador's Reception Maplink N/A

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Chaose's Twitter account. 9 September 2018. (Archived from the original on 23 October 2020.) Mod Chaose: "Full chests don't give the full 20% chance, by design. You need to intentionally toggle it off."