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Lockboxes[edit | edit source]

Lockboxes are one of several puzzles that can be found from Master Treasure Trails.

Players are given a filled 5x5 box of the icons of three combat styles (melee, Magic and Ranged). In order to solve the puzzle, the whole grid must be filled with only one combat style. Clicking on the combat styles will rotate between the three icons in an area of effect similar to the Flip tiles puzzle in Dungeoneering. Unlike the puzzle, the icons cannot be forced.

Players may alternatively use a lockbox skipping ticket or its untradeable version to skip the puzzle.

Solving[edit | edit source]

  1. Solve the first four rows by clicking on the next row (so for the first row, use the second row). This means using the square directly below the one you want to change to match the pattern. It can prevent your later moves from interfering with the upper rows.
  2. When the process is complete, only the bottom row is unresolved. It should be one of the eight shown in the next section. Remember the top row of the matching diagram and use it accordingly.
  3. Solve the first four rows by clicking on the next row (with the same style used in step 1).
  4. The bottom row should be auto-solved when the fourth row is resolved, provided that step 2 is done correctly.

Solving last row[edit | edit source]

To solve the last row, certain mutations can be applied to the whole puzzle. The following table gives frequently encountered puzzles and their solution (which tiles to click how many times). Only the top row needs to be remembered, since the next rows can be derived by the method mentioned above.

Puzzle Solution
Lockbox example 1 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 1 solution.png
Lockbox example 2 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 2 solution.png
Lockbox example 3 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 3 solution.png
Lockbox example 4 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 4 solution.png
Lockbox example 5 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 5 solution.png
Lockbox example 6 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 6 solution.png
Lockbox example 7 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 7 solution.png
Lockbox example 8 unsolved.png
Lockbox example 8 solution.png