Traveller's necklace (c)

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Traveller's necklace (c) detail.png

The compacted traveller's necklace is a traveller's necklace that has been condensed with a teleportation compactor. It provides the same teleports as the normal item, but can hold up to 100 charges. It can be recharged by using more traveller's necklace on it.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Teleports[edit | edit source]

South of the desert eagle's eyrie

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 January 2019 (Update):
    • Teleport options now correctly function from the worn inventory.
  • patch 14 January 2019 (Update):
    • Compacted silver jewellery will no longer list its charges multiple times on the tool-tip.