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The trapped demon is scenery in Infernal Source that can be studied to unlock the Who Dis? special research. Players may only study the trapped demon after unlocking the Assistant qualification. From the research, the player learns about the source of the screaming in the Infernal Source, a demon, trapped at the bottom. The Dagon portal that the research is accessed from is too chaotic to use, however, without a chaos star.[1]

It is located on the east side of the Dagon Overlook, which is the third "ring" from south to north in the Vestibule of Futility. In order to study it you need to click the Dagon portal that is located where it is marked on the image.

Location of the trapped demon (which is a dagon portal) and the path to reach the Dagon Overlook from The Harrowing

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  1. ^ Transcript:Who Dis?, RuneScape. "The source of the screaming seems to be a demonic entity trapped at the bottom of this space. None of our archaeologists dare to venture that far down. What we can see from the level above is that the demon below is trapped somehow. It is also surrounded by a twelve-headed circular statue, but we are not quite sure what any of it means at this point. We need to get closer, but the portal is too chaotic - we need to figure out how to make it work."