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A transportation interchange is a location where separate transportation systems are placed close together and are used for transport over large distances to specific places.

Role in transport[edit | edit source]

There are several isolated transport systems in RuneScape, each with its own realm of influence. The eagle transport system allows travel to several out-of-the-way destinations, however, since the entire transport system involves exotic hunter based locations, there is no easy way to access the system. In the Feldip Hills, there is an eagle transport location not too far from a gnome glider location. The Feldip Hills glider location is therefore an interchange into the eagle transport system. Similarly, the teleport to Canifis (Kharyrll) spell acts as an interchange point from the house portal network, or the Ancient Magicks teleport network to the fairy ring system as there is a fairy ring nearby, to the west of Canifis.

List of transportation interchange locations:[edit | edit source]

Grand Exchange hub[edit | edit source]

The Grand Exchange area is a major transportation interchange with access to many important transportation networks. From the Grand Exchange, the following transportation networks are available.

  • In the northwest area of the Grand Exchange, there is a trapdoor which links you to the Dwarven mine cart system, allowing for access to Keldagrim, White Wolf Mountain, which provides quick access to Taverley, and Dwarven Mine.
  • In the northeast area of the Grand Exchange, there is a spirit tree that allows access to the spirit tree network.
  • Using the level 21 Agility shortcut to the northwest, there is also convenient access to many other transportation networks:
    • A little southwest of the agility shortcut, there is access to the fairy ring network
    • Also near the agility shortcut, there is the canoe system

Tree Gnome Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Additionally, the Tree Gnome Stronghold allows access to three transportation networks:

Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

Prifddinas provides access to three transportation networks after completion of Plague's End.

Usage[edit | edit source]

These interchanges may be strung together for rapid transport to most RuneScape destinations.

For example:

If you wish to travel to the desert phoenix, the fastest way is to take a rope and an amulet of glory. Use the amulet of glory to teleport to Al Kharid and access the gnome glider network, then use the Feldip Hills destination to access the eagle network. Then use the desert eagle to travel to the cave next to the desert phoenix.

Access to the Piscatoris Hunter area may be rapidly achieved by using a house tablet to teleport to your house, then using a house portal to teleport to Canifis, go west to enter the fairy ring network, then use the main fairy ring to go to destination AKQ.

Most of the RuneScape transportation systems intersect at certain points. Finding these points will greatly increase your ability to move quickly through the world.