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The transmutation tablet is an item that can be won from the Squeal of Fortune. This item became available during the second appearance, 17 May 2013, of the alchemist amulet components on the SoF. While in your inventory when converting alchemist's amulet fragments you will receive double the coins, this will consume (only) the tablet, yielding no additional benefit.

Please note that the base rewards is dependant on a player's total skill level. The transmutation tablet is doubling this amount. For example, the greatest reward amulet, a radiant alchemist's amulet made from 10 alchemist's amulet fragments, can be combined (via right-click option) giving a player with total level of 2496 is 2,723,995 coins. With a tablet in the inventory, however, 5,447,990 coins are granted.

The original alchemist's amulet by itself granted 5,120,000 coins. Also, the coins rewarded are level-dependant as with certain other SoF rewards after April 2013. Therefore, in order to reach the similar reward in this event, 10 fragments and a rare tablet must be combined, 11 items total. 

The value presented before the confirmation of transforming the amulet takes into account the tablet if you have it in the inventory.

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