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Item list dialoge:[edit source]

My edit was aborted by an extension hook or something, so I'm posting it here.

The Item List[edit source]

  • Thorgel: Hi again. How're you doing with those items we need?
    • Player: I've got some of them with me.
      • Thorgel: Great, can I take everything I need?
        • Player: Yeah, sure.
          • Thorgel: Thanks, I've updated the list for you.
          • [Upon giving the final item] Thorgel: Great, thank you so much for getting all that for us! Take this death talisman as a reward. Any time you want another one of those talismans come see me and I'll sort you out with another list.
        • Player: I'd rather you didn't.
          • Thorgel: I see you've got the [name of listed item]. Can I have it please?
            • Player: Sure, here you go!
              • Thorgel: Thanks, I've updated the list for you.
              • [If you have more listed items, Thorgel will ask for it.]
            • Player: I think I'll keep hold of it for now.
              • [If you have other listed items, Thorgel sees and asks for another listed item in your possession]
              • [No other listed items in you possession] Thorgel: Wait, you don't have anything. Quit wasting my time!
    • Player: Do you have another copy of the list?
      • With the list in your inventory: Thorgel: You already have the list! Just bring them to me and I'll take them off your hands.
    • Player: What do you need all this stuff for?
      • Thorgel: Oh, well, we don't get many deliveries down here, so It's supplies mostly...
        • Player: What about the archery ticket?
          • Thorgel: Well, you see... umm... We don't really get much chance to, er, go out or anything... and we'd like some of the prizes some day.
          • Player: Why didn't you ask for prizes then?
          • Thorgel: Oh, no, that'd just be sad.
        • [castle wars ticket]
        • [agility arena ticket]
        • Player: Why do you want Prifddinas' history?
          • Thorgel: Oh just some light reading, it's nice to catch up on current events occasionally.
          • Player: Current events? But it's... Oh never mind.
        • [crumbling tome]
        • [slashed/battered book]
        • Player: How do you explain the dusty key?
          • Thorgel: Ah... Umm... I'm not sure how that got on the list... Can we have it anyway?
          • Player: Right, why do I get the feeling I shouldn't?
          • Thorgel: Pretty please... with a blood talisman on top!
          • Player: Blood talisman?
          • Thorgel: Oops! I meant death talisman!
        • [jail key]
        • [door key]
        • Player: Yeah, right, all of those are just 'supplies'.
    • Player: No, I'd better get looking for them. 05:32, December 3, 2014 (UTC)