Dialogue for Zumblefloof

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  • During Treasure Hunter promotion
    • Zumblefloof: Something terrible is happening! you have to help! A man called Janus is opening rifts across Gielinor, weakening the divide to the shadow realm. Sliske has taken total control of his mind! This rift here appears to be the biggest and most stable. Janus is opening much more unstable ones everywhere.
    • Player: How can I help?
    • Zumblefloof: You can use you innate energy to help close the rifts. But once it's run out, you must wait until the next day for it to regenerate. You could always try out these 'rift sunderers' I hear Alice has got her hands on. They have their own innate energy so you don't have to use your own. You must help! I can't think of anyone else to turn to!
  • After Treasure Hunter promotion
    • Zumblefloof: It's good news! The smaller rifts have finally stopped appearing and Janus has appears to have given up on his plan. Just the big rift to go now. It appears to have become a lot more unstable and the only safe way of closing it now is to use Alice's rift sunderers. Using your own energy on a rift this large and unstable is just insanity!