Transcript of Zogre Flesh Eaters journal entry

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  • I talked to Grish in the Jiggig area which is swarming with Zombie Ogres (Zogres) These disgusting creatures carry disease and are quite dangerous so the Ogres weren't too keen to try and sort them out
  • I talked to an ogre called Grish who asked me to look into the problem. After some searching around in a tomb, I found some clues which pointed me to the human habitation of Yannile.
  • With the help of Zavistic Rarve, the grand secretary of the Wizards guild I was able to piece the clues together and discover that a Wizard named 'Sithik Ints' was responsible
  • Unfortunately I couldn't remove the curse from the area, however, I was able to return some important artefacts to Grish, who can now set up a new ceremonial dance area for the ogres of Gu' Tanoth.
  • Sithik Ints also told me how to make Brutal arrows which are more effective against Zogres, and he also told me how to make a disease balm