Dialogue for Zez

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This transcript involves dialogue with Zez and the player.
  • Select an option
    • Chat.
      • (One of the following conversations can occur:)
        • (Conversation 1:)
          • Player: Don't your arms hurt from carrying that banner? It's the same size as you!
          • Zez: I have 99 Strength.
          • Player: Right, but I'm always going on adventures and you're always following me, so surely your legs must hurt?
          • Zez: I have 99 Agility.
          • Player: Okay, but that doesn't stop you from running out of energy.
          • Zez: Player, I also have 99 Slayer which I'm more than happy to demonstrate on you if you continue to question my skills!
        • (Conversation 2:)
          • Zez: Hold on.
          • Player: Sure thing.
          • Player: ...
          • Zez: ...
          • Player: Everything okay?
          • Zez: Yeah, sorry. I had to turn my private chat off.
          • Zez: I'm quite famous around these parts.
          • Player: So am I!
          • Zez: Oh I know Player. I'm your number 1 fan!
          • Player: You're so cute.
    • Emote.
      • Zez performs its emote.