Dialogue for Zeke

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  • Zeke: A thousand greetings, [sir/madam].
    • Do you want to trade?
      • Zeke: Yes, certainly. I deal in scimitars.
        • (Zeke's Superior Scimitars opens)
    • Nice cloak.
      • Zeke: Thank you.
    • Could you sell me a dragon scimitar?
      • Zeke: A dragon scimitar? A DRAGON scimitar? No way, man! The banana-brained nitwits who make them would never dream of selling any to me. Seriously, you'll be a monkey's uncle before you'll ever hold a dragon scimitar.
        • If the player has completed Monkey Madness
          • Player: Hmmm, funny you should say that...
          • Zeke: Perhaps you'd like to take a look at my stock?
            • Yes, please, Zeke.
              • (Zeke's Superior Scimitars opens)
            • Not today, thank you.
              • (Dialogue ends)