Dialogue for Zamorakian fanatic (Battle of Lumbridge)

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Unaligned[edit | edit source]

  • Zamorakian fanatic: Aha! I see a new recruit for the army of Zamorak.
    • Player: Yes! Where do I sign up?
      • Zamorakian fanatic: I knew it! You should go to the south side of the battlefield in Lumbridge, and talk to the officer there.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: You can sign up, and fight for the winning side - ours!
      • Zamorakian fanatic: And if you don't want to fight, we also need skilled gatherers of all types.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: Don't delay. We need all the help we can get!
    • Player: Maybe. Why would I join you?
      • Zamorakian fanatic: Because we're the strongest!
      • Zamorakian fanatic: Zamorak is the most powerful of the gods, and soon Saradomin will fall before our might. You can be part of that victory.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: Everyone can play a part, from the weakest to the strongest, and from the warrior to the woodcutter. All welcome!
      • Zamorakian fanatic: To join us, you need to go to the south side of the battlefield in Lumbridge and talk to the recruiter.
        • Player: I'm on my way!
          • Zamorakian fanatic: Praise be to Zamorak! I look forward to the day we defeat Saradomin!
    • Player: No way! I support Saradomin!
      • Zamorakian fanatic: You would side with the weak and worthless Saradomin? Then I pity you.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: But it is not too late for you to join the winning side. Zamorak is all-powerful, and soon all of Gielinor will see!
    • Player: I don't want to get involved.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: You are uninterested? This battle will touch everyone.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: And when Zamorak is victorious, it will be too late for you to seek scraps from his table.
      • Zamorakian fanatic: It's not over yet! You can still join the mighty Zamorak, if you head to the south side of the battlefield.

Aligned to Zamorak[edit | edit source]

  • Zamorakian fanatic: I see you have already joined the winning side! Go back to the battlefield at Lumbridge!

Aligned to Saradomin[edit | edit source]

  • Zamorakian fanatic: I should strike you down where you stand, follower of Saradomin. Begone before I lose my temper.