Dialogue for Zamorak mage (Runecrafting Guild)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Zamorak mage (Runecrafting Guild) and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello. That hat doesn't look like standard Zamorakian attire.
  • Zamorak mage: Shh! They haven't noticed me here yet.
  • Player: Why are you here? If they catch you here, they will kill you!
  • Zamorak mage: Well, the runecrafting wizards have got themselves into a bit of a state over a thesis published by a student.
  • Player: What did this paper say?
  • Zamorak mage: Well, in short, it states that one day the altars like this one could run out of runic energy!
  • Player: That's terrible! How will humans perform magic if we cannot make runes?
  • Zamorak mage: Well, it is only a theory. Hardly any of the Runecrafting Guild wizards believe it to be true.
  • Zamorak mage: Still, we have not proved Wizard Finix's theories to be incorrect yet, and - if they're true - this is very worrying. Wizards have been dispatched to all the known altars to investigate.
  • Player: So, what can we do if Wizard Finix's theories are true?
  • Zamorak mage: Well, there is a new method being explored, which was detailed in Wizard Finix's thesis. He is the best person to explain it to you; he is currently in the Wizard's Tower, if you want to speak to him.
  • Travel to the Wizards' Tower?
    • Yes
      • You teleport to the Wizards' Tower
    • No
      • (Dialogue ends)