Dialogue for Zamorak hawk

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Chick form:

  • Chick: Cheepcheep? (Are you my mummy/daddy?)
  • Player: Err...yes?
  • Chick: Cheeeeep! (I wuv you mummy/daddy!)
  • Player: It's so adorable...

Bird and Hawk form:

  • Conversation 1
    • Zamorak hawk: Squaa scree! (I can feel anger welling within you!)
    • Player: What? I'm not feeling very angry.
    • Zamorak hawk: Craaak scree! (Yes you are!)
    • Player: I will be if you keep this up!
    • Zamorak hawk: Craaaak (Told you so.)
  • Conversation 2
    • Zamorak hawk: Craak Squaa! (All will fall before me!)
    • Player: Yeah, I'm sure they will.
  • Conversation 3
    • Zamorak hawk: Craaak....craaak (How much longer must we wait here?)
    • Player: We'll be moving on in a while.
    • Zamorak hawk: Screeeeeee? (Excellent!)
  • Conversation 4
    • Zamorak hawk: Screee craak? (When will we subjugate these people?)
    • Player: I don't know if we will for a while.
    • Zamorak hawk: Scree scree! (But we will eventually!)
  • Conversation 5 (if wearing items aligned with another god)
    • Zamorak hawk: Suaaa craak! Scree! (Those items aren't right! Drop them!)
    • Player: I can wear what I like!
    • Zamorak hawk: Scree! Screeeee! (Zamorak will see, unbeliever!)