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In Black Knights' Fortress before Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

  • Before completion of Missing, Presumed, Death:
    • Zamorak: Cower before me mortal! Bwahahahahaaa!
    • Zamorak: Is that what you're expecting? Does the 'god of evil' match your expectations? Am I terrifying to behold? Truth to be told I do not consider evil a worthwhile pursuit, but neither do I consider it relevant. It is a term given by the closed-minded to label a world in shades of black and white, right and wrong. But you and I both know that the world is more than that. It isn't black and white, nor even shades of grey. Morality, like the world, is a myriad of colours in a vast array of shades and hues. My philosophy is 'strength from chaos and adversity'. It is about improving oneself by overcoming obstacles. The other gods would have you follow static rules and live a life as unchanging as stone. My way is better.
    • Player: So why have you appeared here now?
    • Zamorak: Because something is coming. I feel the strands of fate tightening around the world. twisting and knotting. trapping us all. I hear laughter in the shadows... I have heard that laughter before and it rarely ends well.
  • After completion of Missing, Presumed, Death:
    • Zamorak: Hello World Guardian. Forgive me for this rather dramatic scene, sometimes you need a bit of theatre to get people's attention. Theatre is something that Sliske has always been rather good at. Even this 'game' of his, it is set during an eclipse. A 'once in a mortal lifetime' event. It's the perfect disguise.
    • Player: Disguise for what?
    • Zamorak: With Sliske everything is always disguised. He pitches this as a game, but it is no less than an arms race of godly proportions. Someone will win the stone; the most powerful device in existence. The other gods will not just sit back and allow that. So we are all gathering. All preparing for the final confrontation. Even though we know it may mean our deaths.

After Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

    • Zamorak: Welcome, Player. What brings you to me at this hour?
    • Player: Can you talk about Sliske's game?
    • Zamorak: What is there to say? Sliske is dead and the stone is gone. Good riddance on both accounts.
    • What do you think about...
      • Armadyl
        • Zamorak Ah yes, Armadyl, seeker of justice and would-be unifier of the gods. If foolishness could be given a face, it would be his. The gods will never work together, not really. Each of us has our own agenda, our own ideologies and they blend together like oil and fire. Does he really believe that Saradomin and myself could ever be anything more than mortal enemies? Of course he doesn't. Which means he will have to pick a side and history has already shown me that he will not choose my side. So he must see me as a threat and we both know what he does to threats. But I am not Bandos. My battles will not be fought by strength alone. There are rules to warfare and I will win because I will not play by them, whereas Armadyl will be forced to. I love fighting a foe with a code of honour. It's like I've already won.
          • (Shows previous options)
      • Saradomin
        • Zamorak Do you really need to ask my opinion on that hypocrite? Saradomin would see the universe as his great empire. Everyone trapped in roles he has chosen them. What he preaches to his followers is nothing more than a life of moral slavery. He would see free will crushed and removed and his will raised above all. Yet it is I who is painted as evil. I feel sorry for his followers, I truly do, they do not see that they are forging their own chains and shackling us all.
          • (Shows previous options)
      • Seren
        • Zamorak No. Those wounds are still too fresh, too raw. Even thinking about what she did, it fills me with an uncontrollable rage and I would rather not level Edgeville in my fury.
          • (Shows previous options)
      • Sliske
        • Zamorak Sliske cannot be trusted. Even Sliske doesn't trust Sliske. Yet here we all are, all forced to play his little game because the situation he has created for us, it's the perfect trap. I'll give Sliske that compliment, he's a master strategist, if a twisted one. Even his intrigues have intrigues. He is a mahjarrat wearing many masks, I wounder if he knows where the masks end and he begins?
          • (Shows previous options)
      • [More]
        • Zaros
          • Zamorak In many ways Zaros is as complicit as Seren in the fate of the mahjarrat and I do hate him for that, make no mistake there. But you know that I am bound to aid him in Sliske's game. I do not know how, I do not know when, but I know it will be an act that will cost me greatly. My only comfort is knowing that I am surely not the only one pinioned in this way. Zaros never puts all his eggs in one basket.
            • (Shows previous options)
        • Icthlarin
          • Zamorak Icthlarin may not be the strongest of the gods, but he is not one to count out of any race. I have seen him lead armies, back when we were his 'Stern Judges'. I have found myself wondering of late, 'what if'. What if we had never betrayed Icthlarin, what if we had sided with him against Zaros. What could have been? I would never have become a god, I would never have been able to save my people, by Sliske might never have had a chance to take the stone for himself. Makes you think. How one action can affect the world so greatly. On this I have based my philosophy and it holds truer each day.
            • (Shows previous options)
        • Death
          • Zamorak Death is an important function, so Death himself performs an important role. As a person, I barely know him and I doubt the two of us are going to be having drinks together anytime soon.
            • (Shows previous options)
        • The dragonkin
          • Zamorak The dragonkin are dangerous. Never, ever forget that. However reasonable some of them may seen[sic], history teaches us that they will stop at nothing to destroy us all. My advice. Next time you find one injured, kill it. Don't hesitate. Don't listen to its pleas. Strike it down or it will end up destroying you. I know there is one in Daemonheim somewhere. My agents hear whispers. They are planning something to do with 'the echo's link', whatever that means. My agents also believe that they have got their hands on one of the elder artefacts. So whatever they are doing, it cannot be good.
            • (Shows previous options)
        • [More]
          • Vorago
            • Zamorak Honestly I have little to say about Vorago. I know he is a powerful beast that guards the anima, but beyond that I have no further opinion.
              • (Shows previous options)
          • Brassica Prime
            • Zamorak It is easy to dismiss Brassica Prime, as a joke, or as irrelevant. But just because something is strange, it does not mean it should be ignored. Brassica was able to convince Guthix to leave behind when the edicts came up. Even Seren was not able to do this. He is certainly not as powerful as he claims to be. But if his boasts are to be believed, his agents are fruits and vegetables everywhere. Laugh at that for a moment and then stop and think. Are there any kings who do not have such things in their kitchens and then served at their diplomatic banquets? Even the gods discuss their plans within earshot of assorted plant matter. So what secrets must Brassica really know? If knowledge is power, he must really be a force to consider carefully. He's a fool, yes, a joke, certainly. But what better mask is there?
              • (Shows previous options)
          • Marimbo
            • Zamorak I'd...er...rather not talk about her. Just...well just don't let yourself be alone with her in a room for a long period of time. She bites!
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