Dialogue for Zahwa

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The dialogue tree is random each time the player talks to Zahwa.

  • Player: Are you alright?
  • Zahwa: Do I look alright?

  • Player: Hi!
  • Zahwa: I could've 'ad 'im!
  • Player: Er...
  • Zahwa: I was robbed!
  • Player: Right.
  • Zahwa: It was rigged, I tell you!
  • Player: Uh-huh.
  • Zahwa: Leave me alone.

  • Player: Hi!
  • Zahwa: Hi!

  • Player: Hi!
  • Zahwa: Ughhhh...

  • Player: Are you alright?
  • Zahwa: Can't...go...on. Leave...me...behind.
  • Player: I'll leave you here, okay?
  • Zahwa: Oh. Okay.