Transcript of Your Wilderness Top Tips!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] mmm the wilderness is coming back I can
[00:21] smell the fear i could smell the terror
[00:22] I can smell the murderous tendencies in
[00:24] the air and we've got ten tips for you
[00:25] sent in by our community to help you
[00:27] survive live prosper and make a killing
[00:30] literally ah another caves hi dear I'm
[00:44] evil Yakuza and I hope is amazing fear
[00:47] by a player named use a god cake there's
[00:52] good stats and it's free so it doesn't
[00:54] matter if you're losing in the world
[01:01] hey guys its ability 44 here from watts
[01:04] pilares here's the tip from surgery Murr
[01:05] try learning the f keys those can bring
[01:07] you to your inventory just in time where
[01:09] your mouse would have failed or it just
[01:10] gives you the second you need to spec
[01:12] your pin it down yes
[01:41] when being pursued learn to use your
[01:43] environment by making your opponent hug
[01:45] obstacles the ability to tree hug is
[01:48] extremely important as it can allow a
[01:49] single person to write an entire clan to
[01:51] safety hi everyone can you show your the
[02:05] fantastic tip from city wind loot and
[02:08] leave if you've collected some good loot
[02:10] don't get greedy be sure to leave the
[02:12] wild as soon as possible a house tab is
[02:15] always the best idea oh and check this
[02:17] out I got a dog yeah don't use any
[02:32] teleports that teleports you anywhere
[02:34] under the wild such as the game's
[02:36] necklace if you teleport somewhere in
[02:39] the wild there might be people waiting
[02:40] for people that teleports there and
[02:42] you'll get piled
[02:49] hello fellow runescape Ian's I am babam
[02:52] double-oh-seven you can just call me the
[02:54] wildy pro and this here is Maurice we
[02:57] are all looking forward to the
[02:58] wilderness and I adhere with me one of
[03:00] the top ten wildy tips this one being
[03:02] submitted by meet love when wandering
[03:05] the wilderness between battle equipped a
[03:07] staff or dragonhide as this will give a
[03:09] mage bonus and help against farcasters
[03:12] goodbye fellow escapee ins and happy
[03:14] people killing and remember kids real
[03:17] men use the ring of line if you're new
[03:27] to PK go in a group or in a clan but
[03:30] make sure there are trustworthy Bunch or
[03:31] your session might come to a quick and
[03:33] backstabbing end hey guys its excel here
[03:44] with another wall d tip from jag eggs
[03:46] this tip comes to us from brett new wait
[03:49] that's my phone bill this stick comes
[03:51] from X legit boss restates if you're
[03:53] ranging or maging do not expect to get a
[03:55] boatload of kills instead be safe and
[03:57] only bring a hundred arrows bolts or
[03:58] powering rooms just enough for one two
[04:00] three kills then bank why might you ask
[04:03] would you do this well if you ever find
[04:05] yourself up against someone who's more
[04:07] powerful better equipped or just has
[04:08] more friends than you do you only be out
[04:11] a couple dozen arrows when he owns your
[04:12] d hide
[04:21] after a kill eat food before you pick up
[04:24] your drops a smart player might choose
[04:27] to sneak up and kill you before you have
[04:28] time to react then you lose all your
[04:34] recent pickups and any other items bad
[04:39] times so there you have it 10 top tips
[04:43] from 10 top players you can see
[04:45] thousands more tips just like those on
[04:47] our runescape forums so get over there
[04:48] and check them out I'm gonna go get
[04:50] myself a bronze dagger and some bronze
[04:51] armor except aren t that's what works
[04:53] I'll see you in there be warned