Dialogue for Yeren

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  • Yeren: Ooh nice littlefoot costume!
  • Player: Wait... what? No, I'm a human.
  • Yeren: Of course you are...
    • Tell me about yourself.
      • Yeren: Me? I'm an adventurer! I travel the lands looking for people to help, monsters to slay and doing any favours anyone has.
      • Player: Oh really? Well, if you don't mind I've got a request if you wouldn't mind helping. It shouldn't be much for an adventurer like you. After all, it's only... ONE SMALL FAVOUR!
    • Why won't you believe me?
      • Yeren: Look at your movements. They're so realistic, but I can spot a fake anywhere. Good try though!
    • I'm leaving.
      • Yeren: See you around, littlefoot.