Transcript of Wolf Whistle journal entry

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  • Having spoken to Pikkupstix, I need to find Scalectrix and Bowloftrix, who are somewhere near the old dry well in west Taverley, opposite the watermill.
  • I have found Scalectrix near the old well in Taverley, and she has warned me that there is a force of trolls in the well that need to be frightened off.
  • She has requested I speak to Pikkupstix, as he will likely have a solution to the problem.
  • Pikkupstix has sent me to look for some items to make a giant wolpertinger pouch. These are:
    • An ancient wolf bone amulet, held by his assistant Stikklebrix, who is somewhere near White Wolf Mountain. This is a large mountain range to the west of Taverley.
    • Some white hare meat from the Taverley Pet Shop, which is located in the building to the south of Pikkupstix's house.
    • An embroidered summoning pouch, which Pikkupstix lost somewhere in his bedroom in the upstairs of his house.
  • He also had some other items for me. These are:
    • A precious grey charm,
    • A very rare blessed spirit shard,
  • I have taken all of the items I was requested to collect and brought them to Pikkupstix. He has told me to use them on the obelisk to create the pouch.
  • I have created the giant wolpertinger pouch. I should take it to Pikkupstix to make sure it worked correctly.
  • Pikkupstix has told me that the pouch is working correctly. He has told me to take it to Scalectrix by the the old well,
  • I have saved the druids in Taverley from a surprise attack by the trolls.