Transcript of Woe for Wu

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Big news, Little Khan.
  • Player: Your captive, Bak, has information on the Death Lotus? He knows which assassin has been sent to kill you?
  • The Assassin: That would be skipping to the end! First, I promised you more of my story. After I failed to kill Quin, the Khan of the Sea, I barely returned to the Death Lotus with my life. I did not know what to expect. I knew Baby Tooth, our leader, would be furious. He told me that I had brought shame on the Death Lotus, that the order of assassins would be lucky to survive Quin's wrath. I was to leave the order. I accepted this with reluctance. Then, Baby Tooth asked me to bare my wrists. Wu, Baby Tooth's fat son, grabbed me by the forearm and raised a blade...
  • Player: I'm sorry.
  • The Assassin: Before my hand had even hit the floor, Wu had raised his knife again. He grabbed at my other forearm, but his hands were slippery with blood. I wrested myself from his grasp, ran to the window and threw myself into the sea. A merchant ship picked my unconscious body; that's how I met Kirau.
  • Player: How could the Death Lotus do that to one of their own?
  • The Assassin: We see killing as a game, and I lost. It's how it works.
  • Player: So, which of them is after you now?
  • The Assassin: Bak revealed that Wu, the one who cut off my hand, is charged with taking me home. Kirau has located him on The Island that Reflects the Moon.
  • Player: Will killing Wu stop all this?
  • The Assassin: This hydra only has two heads, Little Khan. I kill Wu, and then Baby Tooth.

After Voyage

  • Player: So, Wu is dead?
  • The Assassin: It is the way of the assassin - fail at your task and your life is forfeit. He failed to take my hand, so I took his head.
  • Player: What do you plan to do with it?
  • The Assassin: I plan to pull a tooth from its mouth and hang it from my belt. We will talk again once I have met with Kirau. He will find Baby Tooth's location. Soon, I will have another tooth for my belt.