Dialogue for Wizard Traiborn

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This transcript involves dialogue with Wizard Traiborn and the player.

Before Rune Mysteries[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Traiborn: Ello young thingummywut.
  • Choose an option:
    • What's a thingummywut?
      • Wizard traiborn: A thingummywut? Where? Where? Those pesky thingummywuts. They get everywhere. They leave a terrible mess, too.
      • Select an option
        • Er, you just called me a thingummywut.
          • Wizard Traiborn: You're a thingummywut? I've never seen one up close before. They said I was mad! Now you are my proof! There ARE thingummywuts in this tower! Now, where can I find a cage big enough to keep you in?
          • Select an option
            • Er, I'd better be off, really.
              • Wizard Traiborn: Oh, okay, have a good time and watch out for sheep! They're more cunning than they look.
            • They're right, you are mad.
              • Wizard Traiborn: That's a pity. I thought maybe they were winding me up.
        • Tell me what they look like and I'll mash 'em.
          • Wizard Traiborn: Don't be ridiculous. No-one has ever seen one. They're invisible, a myth, or a figment of my imagination. Can't remember which, right now.
    • Teach me to be a mighty and powerful wizard.
      • Wizard Traiborn: Wizard, eh? You don't want any truck with that sort. They're not to be trusted. That's what I've heard, anyway.
      • Select an option
        • So, aren't you a wizard?
          • Wizard Traiborn: How dare you? Of course I'm a wizard. Now, don't be so cheeky or I'll turn you into a frog.
        • Oh, I'd better stop talking to you then.
          • Wizard Traiborn: Cheerio then. It was nice chatting to you.