Dialogue for Wizard Myrtle

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This transcript involves dialogue with Wizard Myrtle and the player.

Passive overhead lines[edit | edit source]

One of the following is randomly played alongside Myrtle's idle spellcasting animation:

  • Wizard Myrtle: Be patient, like water. Water always finds its way.
  • Wizard Myrtle: Present water with an obstacle - a force - and it will find a way around.
  • Wizard Myrtle: Water seeks to be guided. It does not resist, it flows.
  • Wizard Myrtle: We are all made of water. All you must do, is let it flow through you.

After Beneath Cursed Tides quest[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Myrtle: Player! Good to see you again, would you like to return to the sunken island?
  • Choose an option:
    • I'd like to change my under water[sic] breathing method.
      • What underwater breathing method would you like to use?
        • Underwater breathing spell.
          • WIZARD MYRTLE: Great, I'll cast my spell on you so you can breathe without any diving apparatus.
        • Aquarium diving suit.
          • WIZARD MYRTLE: Great, you can use the diving suit from your house!
        • Fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus.
          • If both fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus are worn or are in inventory:
            • WIZARD MYRTLE: Great, the fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus should work perfectly!
          • If either fishbowl helmet or diving apparatus, or both, are not worn or in inventory:
            • WIZARD MYRTLE: If you want to use the fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus you'll need to go and fetch them first.
    • I'd like to dive to the sunken island.
      • Fade in/out and the player in front of the Giant Oyster.
    • I need to deposit some items.
      • WIZARD MYRTLE: I can deposit some items for you if you want.
    • Could I get any rewards you're holding for me?
      • Items are placed into inventory
      • WIZARD MYRTLE: That's everything I have for you. Thanks again for your help!
    • No thanks.
      • WIZARD MYRTLE: Ok, just let me know if you do.