Dialogue for Wizard (Runecrafting Guild)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Wizard (Runecrafting Guild) and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard: Hello!
  • Select an option
    • I want to join the orb project!
      • Player: I want to join the orb project!
      • Wizard: You can speak to Wizard Acantha or Wizard Vief if you want to join a particular team. Or if you like I could assign you to whichever team has fewer members.
      • Select an option
        • Please assign me to a team.
          • Player: Please assign me to a team.
          • (If the player has not learned the rules of The Great Orb Project from Acantha or Vief:)
            • Wizard: You need to have the rules explained before you can join the project. Speak to one of the senior wizards.
          • (If the player has items in their head slot, main hand slot, or has less than two empty slots in their inventory:)
            • Wizard: You need your head, right hand and two free inventory slots, or you won't be able to hold the necessary equipment.
          • (If the player has a cosmetic override on their head slot:)
            • You must disable the cosmetic override in your head slot before you can join a team.
          • (If the player isn't subject to the restrictions above:)
            • Player is placed into a The Great Orb Project team.
            • Wizard: I've put you on [Wizard Acantha's/Wizard Vief's] team. You'll need to attract the green orbs into the altar.
        • I'll talk to one of the wizards.
          • Player: I'll talk to one of the wizards.
          • Wizard: Okay!
    • Never mind.
      • Player: Never mind.