Transcript of Within the Light journal entry

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  • I spoke to Arianwyn in Lletya. He mentioned that Thorgel the dwarf has sent word from the Temple of Light. Following the safeguards being reactivated, something is happening to the final pillar. I must speak to Arianwyn again to find out what needs to be done.
  • I've completed all of the tasks required to get myself and Arianwyn into the Temple of Light. I need to speak with Arianwyn in Lletya when I'm ready to leave.
  • Arianwyn is now disguised. I must lead him to Thorgel the dwarf who resides at the end of the Temple of Light.
  • I've successfully lead Arianwyn to Thorgel. While they update each other, I must investigate the final pillar at the end of the Temple of Light.
  • I've managed to touch the final pillar without it harming me. The power surrounding it felt akin to the crystal trinket used to reactivate the temple's safeguards I must let Arianwyn know of these thoughts.
  • I've used the copied trinket on the pillar. It sparked an impressive reaction, but it still wasn't enough. I should let Arianwyn know of the result.
  • I managed to make it to the power crystal, which intensified the energy around me. I must get to the final pillar before the energy fades.
  • The energisation worked! I've entered some sort of temple WITHIN the light, but who knows where I really am. There are some switches on the wall and a light coming from the opposite wall.
  • More light sources have turned on and more switches have appeared. I must keep trying to activate these light switches.
  • No further light sources have turned on, so I must use what I have to activate the final switch.
  • Activating the final light switch caused a ladder to drop down from far above. I should use it to investigate what lies above.
  • Navigating the room above the temple within the light revealed a crystal ballista.
  • I used this to hit a large switch, which has caused a door to open down below.
  • I found a dead messenger in the corridor to what could be the under-city of Prifddinas. It appears that the entire city was reverted to crystal form. I should take the report I found to Arianwyn right away.