Transcript of With My Bear Hands

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Trapper and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Ah, Reginald, I hear you're out on another expedition?
  • The trapper: Once more unto the breach and whatnot! A new challenge awaits me.
  • Player: Another giant chinchompa?
  • The trapper: Good grief, no! From the description I was given, this is a fast and fatal bear.
  • Player: Wait, a fast and fatal... bear?
  • The trapper: Bewildering, isn't it? By all accounts, it goes for the back of the knees. Should make a fine wall piece for Mother.

After Voyage

  • Player: How did it go?
  • The trapper: Empty-handed! I was ready to throttle my prey when a hunting party startled it. Noisy nincompoops!
  • Player: Were they hunting it too?
  • The trapper: Bah, they couldn't hunt their way to the kitchen! No, they span some yarn about following an animal. They claimed it could disappear at will, or some-such.
  • Player: You think it could be real?
  • The trapper: Heavens no. They were probably just being superstitious. More likely it's well camouflaged. Still, a well-camouflaged opponent is worth my attention, so I'll be returning soon enough.