Transcript of Witch's Potion

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This transcript involves dialogue with Hetty and the player.

Starting Out[edit | edit source]

  • Hetty: What could you want with an old woman like me?
  • Player: I'm looking for work.
  • Hetty: Hmmm ... Perhaps you could do something that would help both of us.

Would you like to become more proficient in the dark arts?

  • No, I have my principles and honour.
    • Hetty: Suit yourself, but you're missing out.
  • Yes, help me become one with my darker side.
  • Player: What, you mean improve my magic?
  • The witch sighs.
  • Hetty: Yes, improve your magic... Do you have no sense of drama?
  • Yes, I'd like to improve my magic.
    • The witch sighs. (dialogue continues below)
    • No, I'm not interested.
      • Hetty: Many aren't, at first.
      • The witch smiles mysteriously.
      • Hetty: But I think you'll be drawn back to this place.
    • Show me the mysteries of the dark arts...
      • (continues below)
  • Hetty: OK, I'm going to make a potion to help bring out your darker self. You will need certain ingredients.
  • Player: What do I need?
    • Hetty: You need an eye of new, a rat's tail, an onion ... Oh, and a piece of burnt meat.
  • Where can I find a rat's tail?
    • Hetty: On a rat! There are lots of rodents around here: try killing one.
  • Where can I find burnt meat?
    • Hetty: find yourself a piece of meat and cook it twice. It'll burn.
  • Where can I find an onion?
    • Hetty: There's a field of onions just north of here. No-one will mind if you borrow a few.
  • Where can I find an eye of newt?
    • Hetty: There's a shop in Port Sarim, east of here. You can buy newt eyes there.
  • Okay, I'll be off.

Brewing the Potion[edit | edit source]

  • Hetty: So have you found the things for the potion?
  • Player: Yes, I have everything!
  • Hetty: Excellent, can I have them then?
  • You pass the ingredients to Hetty and she puts them all into her cauldron. Hetty closes her eyes and begins to chant. The cauldron bubbles mysteriously.
  • Hetty: Okay, now drink from the cauldron.
  • You drink from the cauldron. It tastes horrible! You feel yourself imbued with power
  • Hetty: Well done! You should find you're a bit more experienced in the magical arts now.
  • Player: Thanks!