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  • Who are you?
    • Wilfred: My name is Wilfred and I'm the best woodsman in Asgarnia! I've spent my life studying the best methods for woodcutting. That's why I have this cape, the Skillcape of Woodcutting.
    • What is that cape you're wearing?
      • Wilfred: This is as Skillcape of Woodcutting. Only a person who has achieved the highest possible level in a skill can wear one.
      • Can you help me with the sentinel outfits?
      • Wilfred: You are set up to receive fragments. When you have 3600 fragments you can use them to create an elite outfit piece. Simply go to an Invention workbench to create the pieces.
        • Ask about something else.
          • Elder trees
          • Player: Can you tell me about elder trees?
          • Wilfred: Certainly, I'd be happy to share what I've gathered during my years of studying tree with you. There are a handful of Elder trees that I know of and they've been around a lot longer than even I can remember.The outer bark o the main trunk is very tough but some of the higher branches are easier to cut through with enough skill. They're very slow growing and take a bit longer than most other trees to regrow. Th nearest Elder tree I know of from here is just south east of Falador near th ivy. In the past, I've cut that elder tree down an whilst waiting for it to grow back I've chopped away at other nearby trees and the ivy. That said, if you found some elder trees, you might find moving between them more effective giving the others you've already cut down a chance to regrow.
          • Player Thanks, that's been very helpful.
          • Crystal trees
          • Player Can you tell me about Crystal trees?
          • Wilfred: Sure thing, though crystal trees are somewhat different to normal trees that's for sure.The crystal tree that I know of just west of Falador near the Dark Wizard's tower, seems to grow shards of crystal around it at various times.The main tree can't be cut with any axe I've tried, but the shards of crystal that occasionally grow around the the edges can be shattered with a decent axe.After years of studying it, I've also noticed that when the shards are present the tree points directly upwards.However, upon closer inspection when the shards aren't growing around it the tree leans very slightly in a handful of different directions.Perhaps you can work out why the shards only appear occasionally and what the different directions mean.On occasion I even managed to chip off some crystal geodes that were encased within the shards to find some hidden gems inside.A few that I broke open had some other strange objects in them as well, perhaps you'll be able to shed some light on the matter if you find any.
          • Player: How interesting, thanks.
          • Nevermind