Dialogue for Wiglaf

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Talking to Wiglaf[edit | edit source]

  • Wiglaf: I'm sorry, I'm really busy. Maybe next time?

Overhead dialogue with Estrith[edit | edit source]

  • Estrith regularly passes by Wiglaf as she does her rounds around Daemonheim. She will say the following line:
  • Estrith: Soon we'll be home, eating red meat and combing innards from our hair.
  • Wiglaf occasionally replies with one of the following lines. He may not reply at all:
  • Wiglaf: Don't forget dessert: beer, mead and some more beer.
  • Wiglaf: Aye, you are right there. The meat here is more brown - grey if we're lucky.
  • Wiglaf: No red meat today, Estrith. Seagull nuggets.
  • Wiglaf: Why use a comb when you can use a fork? Eat what you find.
  • Wiglaf: Innards in your hair? I found a finger in the gruel yesterday.
  • Wiglaf: Save those innards, Estrith. They'll do for soup.