Transcript of Wigged: Halloween 2010 Special

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] you
[00:24] 22 the world it's the party licious p
[00:29] well those of you were Rufus rock on we
[00:33] had a party action I'm up la cama anyway
[00:46] anyway for those of you who was not
[00:48] approved rest Jews you miss party of the
[00:52] millennium I can see the future I
[00:56] predict a big body let's see if I can
[01:03] challenge somebody I gotta find mine
[01:41] well you might tonight
[01:49] what a drop food fest dude they rocked
[01:53] and it rocked so hard at everything is a
[01:55] bit of a blur so if you've got any
[01:57] photos or videos of me don't put them on
[01:59] facebook and send them to me first so I
[02:01] wanna make sure there's nothing
[02:02] embarrassing because they're probably
[02:04] duty now um I robbed my party pants off
[02:08] hard everyone fest that they gave me my
[02:11] own show so from now on every couple of
[02:13] weeks I'll send you the latest gossip
[02:16] and news and updates from file a tall
[02:18] shaggy or whatever you call this rocky
[02:21] place I don't know man all I know is
[02:24] that we're gonna have a lot of fun and
[02:26] I'm gonna get into lots of trouble and
[02:28] you can send me like best so send me
[02:31] your ideas and your thoughts on what i
[02:33] should do this show talking about quest
[02:36] check out what we've got for you dude
[02:40] the halloween not only can you find
[02:44] spiders and heard them and put them on a
[02:47] dance floor where they belong you can
[02:49] make moonshine for werewolves you can
[02:52] even go to the Grim Reaper's park he
[02:54] needs your help to organize it you could
[02:56] even meet my cool dude bro Pumpkinhead
[03:00] be now he's got some new dance moves for
[03:02] you you've never seen oh and creamy dude
[03:06] still haven't got my invite gamma gamma
[03:13] man dudes you know I've got a chameleon
[03:16] that i got for christmas oh my come find
[03:18] the chameleon ha ha this Rufus party
[03:30] feeds that's me has become a bit of a
[03:33] salad roasted tea around here so people
[03:35] even celebrities tried to look like me
[03:38] and but not everybody can pull up the
[03:40] party B look to obama tried it Beyonce
[03:44] my girlfriend's tried it but that don't
[03:47] fit everybody so you want to give it a
[03:49] go and look like be or if you find a
[03:52] celebrity that looks like he's online
[03:54] I'll send them to me at party p x jagex
[03:58] calm and will feature them in an episode
[04:02] in the future so dudes do that duderino
[04:05] duty double needle doodles that's it for
[04:08] today I think that's all for our first
[04:10] show but I'll keep you posted on updates
[04:13] and news and gotta get ready for the
[04:16] next party see you on the dance floor