Transcript of White Whale

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From beneath
The azure sea
A vision washed
Right over me
A marbled path
Under my feet
Snaking out
Across the beach
Easy walk
Became a run
Took that path
Towards the sun
Grains of sand
Danced and thrummed
As a flame
Upon a drum

There I met
A laughing sage
Narwhal nose
And eyes of flame
"Come," he said,
"My errant son
Your journey
Has just begun
A quest to you
I must impart
A journey to
The ocean's heart"
A wading, go
Call, loud inhale
And beckon you
The white whale

There I stood
The waves defied
A great maw
Opened wide
Shadow fell
And there I lay
Never knowing
Night or day
Could only listen
In the black
Yet somehow I
Became whole
Floating there
In the ocean soul

Tide lapped
My opened eyes
Beheld a beach
Was no surprise
The sage gone
Sun stretched long
Still I heard
The ocean song
When the sun sets
And I close my eyes
Still I hear
The whale's cries
Now when I walk
Never alone
Always the song
Of my ocean home