Transcript of While Guthix Sleeps journal entry

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  • I was commissioned by Radimus Erkle, Guildmaster of the Legends' Guild, to go on a dangerous mission to Karamja. Upon meeting my contact, Ivy Sophista, and her superior, Thaerisk, however, I discovered that my mission was far more significant: I was to help Crux Eqal locate Lucien and prevent him from enacting his terrible plans!
  • Thaerisk told me that their best lead was a treasure hunter called Movario, but that they had little idea how to locate his base. For further information, I went to see Reldo, Chief Librarian of the Varrock Palace Library. Reldo was familiar with Movario, and helped me by pointing out that some creatures can be trained to track people and that an expert hunter might be able to help me.
  • As expected, Reldo's information was sound, and the Hunter Expert south of the Feldip Hills was able to show me how to catch a wild broav. With this handy creature to aid me, I then had to locate some of Movario's property to provide the broav with a scent. Luckily for me, General Khazard's minions are a dubious bunch, and I was able to get some of Movario's old robes from a washerman.
  • Following the broav's talented nose, I found Movario's lair beneath Khazards base at the Battlefield. Movario is a secretive and suspicious type, however, and it was heavily trapped. I, however, am cunning and talented, and I disabled or avoided all of his tricks, escaping with some of his notes, which I have shown to Thaerisk.
  • Thaerisk sensibly realised that Crux Eqal would need the assistance of the Guardians of Armadyl to locate Lucien, and so he asked me to find them north of McGrubor's Wood. I arrived there to discover them under attack from a party of mercenaries. I was too late to save the Guardians, but I was told to find Idria, one of the leaders of the Guardians of Armadyl, 'in the arms of a forester'. This simple riddle led me to Seers' Village, where I found Idria and told her of what had passed.
  • Seeking to capture one of Lucien's spies, I arranged to bring Crux Eqal, the Guardians of Armadyl and the Temple Knights together as a combined force to put a stop to Lucien's plans, whatever they might be.
  • The Temple Knights furnished me with a modified commorb called a teleorb, which I planted on one of Lucien's spies in Draynor Village. It was a simple matter, then, for the spy to be teleported into a cell in the White Knights' Castle to be interrogated. Crux Eqal knew of an especially powerful truth serum that we intended to use, but the spy easily overpowered the druid sent in to administer it, so I gathered the required ingredients to make more.
  • While I waited for the enhanced snapdragon to grow, I was also asked to gather a party of the greatest heroes in the land: Cyrisus, Turael, Mazchna, Ouradel, Hazelmere, Ghommal, Sloane and Harrallak. Each of them was eager to test their mettle against Lucien, which gives us great hope.
  • When I returned, the enhanced truth serum was ready, which I 'encouraged' the spy to drink. He finally gave us a description of 'Dark Squall', who seems to be a sort of lieutenant or confidante to Lucien, and we used the description to make 'Wanted' posters, on the off chance anyone recognised him. One of the Temple Knights' best spies, Silif, had meanwhile been sent to the Black Knights' Fortress, as Dark Squall had been seen in the vicinity. Contact with Silif was lost quickly, and so I was asked to find him.
  • Deep beneath the Black Knights' Fortress, I not only found Silif, but also Dark Squall's secret base of operations. I liberated Silif and planted another teleorb on the villain - who turned out to be Surok, the fiend! Using the teleorb to swap places with Surok, and donning a set of his own robes, I penetrated his most secure room and figured out how Surok travelled to Lucien's base deep in the icy north.
  • I've jumped onto the roof of the nearby chapel in the Wilderness, I need to find Lucien and see what he is up to.
  • I've seen Lucien coming out of a cavern near the chapel in the Wilderness - I wonder what he is up to?
  • Lucien has defeated the heroes! I should get this information back to Idria, Akrisae and Thaerisk! My life is in danger if I stay in Lucien's outpost!
  • I've revealed what happened at Lucien's outpost to Idria, perhaps she has something else for me to do?
  • I should get dressed like Surok in Dagon'hai robes and talk to Movario. I should try to help Movario and discover what it is he is looking for.
  • I've been able to convince Movario that I am Surok and he is allowing me to help out.
  • Movario says he can't get to the bottom of the Chasm. I've told him about my experiences with the light creatures, Movario says he may be able to conjure a blue light spell to aid me in getting to the bottom of the great rift.
  • I've langed at the bottom of a large chasm, I'm not sure what else is around here, I guess I ought to explore to see if I can progress any further.
  • I've placed four elemental keys into what appears to be a large block. The block has now moved out of the way, and I can go further into the main temple.
  • I've managed to solve quite a challenging puzzle to open an elemental door, and I think I'm not in the main chamber of what appears to be an ancient temple to Guthix.
  • I have figured out that the statues related to positions and have used the correct herbs on each statue. I've now completed the stone circle, and the door has gone down. I can go even further into the temple.
  • I've touched a strange orb...and I think I have an adversary, a Balance Elemental!
  • The Balance Elemental must be a guardian of the Stone of Jas. I hsall have to defeat it!
  • I've defeated the Balance Elemental, I guess I can research this strange orb a little better now.
  • I've touched the strange orb...what's going on? I think I should touch it again-learn more about it.
  • I've seen a vision by touching the strange orb. It has communicated to me that it is 'The Stone of Jas', owned by Jas, and protected by creatures she has enslaved for the purpose - the Dragonkin. One of the first of the Fremennik tribe touched the Stone and it changed them drastically...this is how they became the Lunar mages. Oh dear, it looks like Movario has turned up...
  • Movario only heralded Lucien's arrival...l think I'm in trouble now!
  • Lucien has summoned some tormented demons!
  • I've defeated one demon, just one more to go!
  • I've slain both demons, but I think I had help from the Stone of Jas'. Perhaps Idria has something else for me to do?
  • Idria has given me a piece of Dragon metal and some coins, she may have some more information for me even now!
  • I talked to Idria to receive 4 x 100,000 XP in any skill over 65.