Transcript of What's Mine is Yours journal entry

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  • I decided to help Doric with his business.
  • I asked Doric what he needs me to do first.
  • Doric asked me to help collect some high-quality ore for him. I visited each of the locations on the mining spot map he gave me and collected an ore from each mine.
  • I collected all the ores Doric wanted and returned to Doric's workshop to show him the ore I've collected. I also told him about the dark wizard and the diary I found.
  • I created a high-quality bronze dagger and bronze sword using the ores I collected and showed them to Doric.
  • I got the assistance of the dwarf named Aksel at the Artisans' Workshop in Falador to finish the weapons.
  • I presented the weapons to Squire Cerlyn in Falador Castle on the ground floor.
  • I spoke to Sir Amik and discovered that Doric's son, Boric, was involved in the business sabotage.
  • After talking to Squire Cerlyn, I discovered Boric, Doric's son, was the one who was sabotaging Doric's business.
  • I talked to Doric and Boric and resolved the family conflict.
  • I helped get the business ready for its grand reopening.