Dialogue for Whale

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(The following dialogues do not appear for the whale itself, but instead for the event regarding the whale.)

  • A whale has appeared at the hub!

Misty[edit | edit source]

(The following dialogues appear above Misty and is displayed green in the chat box.)

  • His mouth is full of fish, cast your lines!
  • Captain, there be whales here!
  • That's one giant whale!
  • Don't fall in. You wouldn't want to get swalled by that one!

Fisherman[edit | edit source]

(The following dialogues appear above the Fisherman and is displayed blue in the chat box.)

  • Ugh! Give me a hand, he's swallowed me whole!
  • Ughhhhh! HELP!
  • Get him to spit me out!
  • AHHHHHHHHHH! It's REALLY wet in here!

End[edit | edit source]

  • If the player succeeds
    • As the whale departs, water splashes the area.
    • Boost active: A 10% increase to your fishing catch rate (30 minutes)
    • The whale has departed...
  • If the player fails
    • Fisherman: Ugh! Nooooooooooo, we needed more help!
    • The whale departs feeling unsatisfied.
    • The whale has departed...