Dialogue for Wemund

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  • Wemund: What can I interest you in? Need any pipes? I make very sturdy pipes.
  • Player: No, not really... what kind of shop is this anyway?
  • Wemund: Why, it's Wemund's Wrench Warehouse. Wemund, that's me. I don't really sell just wrenches, you know, I sell anything related to the maintenance of dwarven steam machines. Sometimes I do repair work as well. Or I send my assistant.
  • Player: Who's he then?
  • Wemund: Oh, he's right over there... used to work in the mines to the south, poor lad. Made a bit of a mess of things I believe. So what'll it be then? Got any ship engines to repair?
  • Player: Thanks, but I don't think your services are required.