Transcript of Welcome to Prifddinas

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Prifddinas.
[00:02] Lost city of the elves.
[00:05] At last regrown and its families once again at peace, worthy outsiders have been granted access to the elves sacred home.
[00:16] The Tower of Voices stands in the center of the city: a hub from which all of the elven clans can be reached.
[00:24] The Tower itself houses a branch of the Grand Exchange, a crystal tree patch and a shattered heart statue.
[00:33] But this is only a hint of what it has to offer.
[00:38] Beyond the Tower, in the Iorwerth clan, the Death Guard.
[00:42] These ferocious warriors are experts in combat, and their Slayer Master can teach you much.
[00:49] Those few who best an Iorwerth warrior will be rewarded.
[00:54] Crystal weapon seads are just an example of the spoils available.
[00:58] Under the city, a game awaits.
[01:01] In a gladiatorial arena named 'Rush of Blood', you'll take on wave-after-wave of the world's toughest monsters.
[01:09] But none are as celebrated as those who complete the Hall of Fame.
[01:14] This pits you against ten bosses while crippled by the negative effects of dark crystals.
[01:22] Next are the Trahaearn.
[01:25] Industrious and strong, they have long mastered the art of pick and forge.
[01:31] Here, you'll find boulders ranging from coal to runite.
[01:36] Harmonized rocks tempt you from your mining, with the offer of ore that never depletes.
[01:42] Gem rocks twinkle with jewels that attract miners and summoners alike.
[01:49] The Trahaearn also guard the Seren Stones.
[01:53] Remove the corruption that envelops them and become more experienced without filling your inventory.
[02:00] Neighbours to the Trahaearn are the Cadarn.
[02:04] Renowned for their skill at both magic and ranged, they are the most trusted advisors of Seren.
[02:11] You can visit the battlestaff shop here, or recharge your dragonstone jewelry.
[02:16] But all pales in comparison to the Max Guild.
[02:20] This is the most prestigious part of the city.
[02:24] Even its gardens are exclusive to those with 99 in a skill or a Quest Cape.
[02:30] In this garden is access to a portal that leads to far-flung skilling areas.
[02:36] Master every skill and the Max Guild's doors will open.
[02:41] Great treasures reside here: a crystal acorn, a portal that leads to various bosses, and the majestic completionist throne.
[02:52] Finally, we come to the Crwys.
[02:56] At one with the world and cultivating the life force that flows through every living thing.
[03:01] They are masters in the art of farming and woodcutting.
[03:06] Magnificent trees grow from the crater below to the Crwys platforms.
[03:11] Never have so many rare trees been so widely available.
[03:17] Heroes have spent the summer collecting Elder tree seeds and, with the arrival of the city, they will be able to grow one for themselves.
[03:27] This will be just one of five new patches for farmers to tend.
[03:32] Prifddinas has regrown, and it's a home for more than just the elves.
[03:38] This city is yours.
[03:41] It is for you to meet with friends, to take on new challenges and completely change the way you train.
[03:48] This is your home.
[03:50] And it will grow even larger in November, as the final four families return to the Lost City of the Elves.