Transcript of Weight On, Weight Off

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Exile, how are you feeling?
  • The Exile: I feel good, Portmaster. It will take some time to come to terms with my brother's betrayal, but I have vowed to not give up. At least not until his crimes are paid for.
  • Player: You seek revenge?
  • The Exile: I seek justice. And death is the justice he deserves, but I will not be the one to exact it.
  • Player: Why? Because you're a worldbearer and he's a bloodrager?
  • The Exile: In part. I am not strong enough....but I am also not worthy. I was a coward when I hid, and a coward again when finding him.
  • The Exile: I sensed his guilt deep down, but refused to believe myself. My challem tried to tell me, but I allowed grief to blind me.
  • The Exile: And above all, I am no warrior. He would crush me before I could capture him.
  • Player: I think I could maybe help you out with that...
  • The Exile: You would teach me how to fight?
  • Player: I can do one better. I can arrange for you to spend some time with the Gu - they have a temple on Ashihama. There are no better warriors in the Wushanko Isles. I think you're going to get a lot out of their tutelage.
  • The Exile: Thank you, Portmaster.

After Voyage

  • Player: How was your visit to Ashihama?
  • The Exile: At first, they got me cleaning, carrying, cooking and serving. These things I have done all my life, as is the role of a worldbearer.
  • The Exile: I was confused at first. Why were they just giving me such burdens, treating me like a worldbearer? They were supposed to be teaching me how to fight! The more burdens they gave me, the more my impatience grew.
  • The Exile: When one of the Gu masters asked me to massage his feet...I snapped.
  • Player: And so they just sent you back here?
  • The Exile: No. The Gu master said that now my training could begin! The Gu have wisdom about a great many subjects, but the thing they taught me most about was myself. They said I had to unlearn my past before I could learn anew.
  • The Exile: They taught me that I have not been a worldbearer for a long time, and that all I have lived to this point has already prepared me.
  • Player: So what do I call you now?
  • The Exile: The gorajo do not take names; they are their purpose. But I am not gorajo. The ramokee struggle alone; they are without purpose. But I am not ramokee.
  • Player: So what are you?
  • The Exile: I may be alone, but I have a singular purpose. I am Honovi! The name I take from an animal of our home. The honovi is a gentle creature, but is said to have an inner strength. It treads lightly on the world so as not to disturb it, but fiercely protects its own if endangered.
  • Player: The Gu have told me that you are welcome back to train with them anytime you wish.
  • The Exile: I shall continue to learn from them; I am still some way from the strength of my brother. One day, I shall be ready to face him. For now, I thank you once again...challem.